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All in one maintenance of TRANSFORMERS

Rebuilding existing TRANSFORMERS - RETRO FIT

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I'm Wim van De perre a 20 years experienced worldwide welder. Specialized in repairing leaks from transformators while the oil is still inside them. Aswell as the all in one maintenance, rebuild, overhauling, revising of tranformsers. We are one of the few independent contractors in the world skilled in this matter. Our welding services have been asked by multinationals and important industrial firms worldwide.

We have all the necessary certificates, vaccinations, survival training to fix your transformer.
For more information on our business operations please visit our services page or feel free to contact us with any request / question .

Our Skills

  • Welding - Repair Leak

  • General maintenance transformers

  • Overhauling / revising transformers

  • Repair transformers

Meet The Team

Wim Van De Perre

Company leader / welder


Here with transformerservice we provide 4 major departments:

Welding - Repair Leak

This is our specialization, welding of oil cooled transformers


All in one maintenance of transformers

this is our essential business, the maintenance of transformers and their cabin


Overhauling/revising existing transformers - Retro Fit

Make existing transformers work and look as good as new


Repairing existing transformers

Fixing existing transformers


For some more explanation and examples on our work please visit the portfolio page and select a project or a photo


Here at transformerservices.eu we have all the necessary certificates, vaccinations, survival training to fix your transformer the safe way.

  • Basic elements safety
  • First aid
  • Height rescue
  • Welder approval certificate
  • Welder test certificate
  • Vaccination yellow fever
  • Vaccinations other

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On this page you can review several works / projects in our 4 different work departments
Some pictures are links to projects, some are just enlargements.

  • Project - Anti vibration --Overhauling--
  • Sealing accessoires --All in 1 maintenance--
  • Project - conversion reinforcement --Overhauling--
  • Fix paintdamage --All in 1 maintenance--
  • Project - repairing transformers --Repairing--
  • All sort of welding --Welding--
  • Project - New framework seals --Overhauling--
  • Project - Replace isolator --All in 1 Maintenance--
  • Project - Replace isolator seals --All in 1 Maintenance--

( Click on the project to go to the page )


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