Reinforcement conversion against leaks


Many times I was sent on regular intervals to repair leaks to the bottom / lip wall
As this was a recurring phenomenon, I have proposed to strengthen the tub
After a first test in Spremberg I decided to do this for other transfo's aswell.
This is a solution that I realised in Fuhrlander, in the top of a windmill.
These were 11 transformers in bulgaria This reinforcement is applied to the transformer to counter expansion and because on the long edges several cooling fins began to leak.

Description of the work:

The bottom of the tub was reinforced all around with metal bars of 6x10

  1. Make Pure metal by sanding paint /li>
  2. bars were welded to the bottom plate
  3. Everything is degreased, cleaned and provided with 2component primer
  4. After sufficient curing off the primer the final layer is applied

the results were astonishing en no leaks were found after these operations.

Click on the image for an enlargement