Transformer Service transformers maintenance repairs welding overhaul

Transformer Service

Maintenance and repair of transformers. Maintenance plans and revisions.

Reparations onsite

Oil services, replace seals, adjust contacts, maintain or replace insulators, ...


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laswerken trafo

Welding works TrafoWith the oil inside the Trafo

Specialized in welding transformers while the oil stays in the transformer. Time-saving and cost-saving.

reparaties transformator

Transformer repairsMaintenance and repairs

Maintenance (including preventive), inspection, rust treatment, all transformer repairs.


Replacing isolatorsLS and HS insulators

Replace LS and HS insulators seals and / or porcelain, full range in stock in our workshop.

vervanging trafo windmolen

Remove transformer from windmill for repair.

Oplassen beschadigde lippen

Damaged transformer. Charging the damaged lips. Left photo condition before, right photo is after repair.

uitmeting alvorens revisie

Measurement before the revision takes place.


Certificates and training

We are in order with all necessary certificates, vaccinations, survival training, ...

Finance Assistance

Our business operations

More info on the services page of contact us for any question or request.

A few realizations

Worldwide transformer services / transformer distribution / welding leaks / conversion plugs / replacement of seals / maintenance and repair / oil samples / measurements / revisions

Transformer Service is your independent partner / contractor to keep or repair your transformers in top condition. More than 25 years of expertise and professional competence.

+25 years of experience
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Executed assignments

We work for multinationals in Europe and worldwide. View our references page, for an overview of important industrial companies for which we work and have performed assignments.

We have many parts and spare parts in stock in our workshop. Fast solutions combined with years of international experience means that we have an excellent price-quality ratio.

Our workshop and office is located in Mechelen, Belgium. Our location is central to Western Europe.

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